Welcome to Hotel Pod Zvičinou!

Not far from Dvůr Králové nad Labem (Safari park), on the hillside of the Zvičina mountain (671 m above sea level), near to the forest, you will find a pleasant family hotel which offers various activities and forms of accommodation. Thanks to its unique location, all visitors and guests can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Giant (Krkonoše) Mountains right from the hotel terrace.

Výhled na Krkonoše. terasa,Hotel Pod Zvičinou

The first mention of the hotel dates back to the end of the 19th century. It was known as an air-spa (hence the name still used today „Spa under Zvičina“). Many things have changed since then, but the favorable climate remains. Whether you want to relax, sport or experience an adventure in the Czech Republic, you are in a right place. Families with children, larger groups, companies and schools all have suitable conditions for their stay here. Besides accommodation we provide meals in our restaurant. Just explore the website and choose from a wide range of our services.

li Guest rooms

Hotel Pod Zvičinou offers accommodation in 29 simply furnished rooms in the main building and also 2 newly renovated barrier-free double rooms in the adjoining building. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom. You find here also several “family” rooms with two separate bedrooms.

li Holiday Houses

If you prefer to take advantage of a larger holiday house (for up to 11 persons) or you want to come with a group of friends or colleagues, you have the possibbility of accommodation in fully equipped chalets (bungalows) with a kitchenette and accessories located within the hotel grounds.

Bungalov - ložnice

li Campsite

Right next to the natural swimming pool there are 12 simple tourist cabins, each for 4 people. The sanitary facilities (shower, toilet, dishwashing) are available in a nearby log cabin (wheelchair accessible). And you can also come with your own tent!

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