Reconstruction of the hotel

Hotel Pod Zvičinou, including its surroundings, has undergone many changes in the past 20 years. The path of these changes is described by its current owner, Nancy Engelen:

„During the era of socialism, the hotel was owned by the state and managed by ROH (a national trade union centre in Czechoslovakia 1945-1990) and served mostly as a recreational facility for employees. Nothing was done during the forty years when the hotel was owned by the state, no renovation or reconstruction. The result was that after the “fall” in 1989 everything was greatly neglected or no longer functioning.” … „In December 1994, I got the opportunity to rent the hotel from the state. I was „young” (23) and saw it as a challenge. The first years were difficult, the language was of course a stumbling block, but the most difficult were the cultural differences.” … „From 1994 till 2000, when we hired out it from the state, we did only the most necessary renovations. In 2000 finally the paper “things” were done and it was possible to buy the hotel. We have been renovating the hotel for the last 20 years and I think many things has improved. But we are not at the end yet. The next 20 years we will go on.“

Here you can see the contrasts “before” and “after” the renovation – important results of the reconstruction of the hotel.