Spring water from the Mary’s Source


This springwater has always been considered as healing water. According to local stories, many injured soldiers from the Austro-Prussian War used it to wash their wounds which then healed really fast. Similar stories concern Swedish soldiers during the Thirty Years´ War. Having washed their eyes with this water, some people claimed to get their vision back, The springwater was analysed by scientists at the Charles University in Prague who discovered that the water is rich in minerals. It also contains uranium which has a positive impact on human´s health. Historical documents reveal that the water was used both for bathing and drinking – with aim to cure. Once, Lázně pod Zvičinou bore a name related to the name of the spring, ie Lázně u studně Mariánské (Spa at the Mary´s Spring). Curing procedures took place there.

In 2012, the water from the Source obtained a regional brand of the Krkonoše Foothills. Now, it can use the following denomination: „the Spring Water from the Mary’s Source at Lázně pod Zvičinou.“
So try it and convince yourself that the legends are true!
You can find the springwater on the menu in our restaurant. Moreover, it pours out of a little spring at the colonnade.