History of the hotel

Hotel Pod Zvičinou has a long and interesting history dating back to the end of the Austro-Prussian 1War in 1866. Many soldiers were wounded near Zvičina, the mountain on whose foothills the hotel stands. The soldiers used water from the spring behind the present hotel for cleaning the wounds and were healed miraculously fast. Thus, the spring soon gained a reputation as a wonder spring. Jan Hetfleisch, a resident of a nearby village, realised the spring’s curative powers. He erected a wooden chapel over the spring with a portrait of Virgin Mary for visitors to thank her for the healing water she had given them. Hetfleisch soon began to sell cold drinks and general merchandise. Later, using his wife’s dowry, he built an inn with eight guest rooms as a shelter for visitors coming from distant places.

A second building was constructed in 1910, with thirty guest rooms and eight bathrooms. The two buildings shared a sixty meter long hall. A tennis court and swimming pool filled with the curative water were built below the summer terrace after World War I, and both are still in place. A stone chapel was erected over the spring eighteen years later; the spring water is still used.

The hotel has had Dutch management since 1995 and Dutch owners since 2000. The main building with 29 guest rooms in total, the 2 chalets and the touristic cabins are now used.

The whole hotel and the swimming pool are still supplied by water from the spring. You need not fear drinking water from the tap; rather the opposite, it is said to prolong your life!

We are renovating for the last 20 years and we will renovate a much more years..